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Timely and accurate information is critical to operational success in the field. Misleading or inaccurate data leads to inferior decisions and failed outcomes. In high-stakes tactical situations, this means higher risks to personnel, wasted resources and compromised objectives.

NanTrak's patented technologies are being used to create intelligent systems that will provide field operatives and command centers with new streams of invaluable real-time data. This information -- which has not previously been available -- will significantly enhance information dominance in the field to increase personnel safety, optimize scarce resources and ultimately drive mission success.

This is NanTrak's goal with its initial tactical line of products and services: to empower those who protect us with superior information so they may orient faster, decide more powerfully, and act victoriously with less risk to their mission and themselves.

The scope of NanTrak's issued patents have attracted the attention and support of senior military and government leaders and defense contractors who recognize the value of the company's technologies in supporting improved situational awareness and precision outcomes. We are honored and inspired by their support.

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